Jughead #87 Script to Page!

I just discovered my original script for a story called “The Old Ball Game.” It ran in Archie’s Pal Jughead Comics #87 (December, 1996). As it happens, this was actually one of my earliest Jughead stories. A few months later, my tenure as the regular Jughead writer would begin. (As of issue #89, I’d be teamed with new regular penciller Rex Lindsey for over 100 issues!)

I was especially glad to locate this particular script. I was able to see the pencils for the job before they were sent to the inker; a rare occasion for me. The great Stan Goldberg, who illustrated the story, had kindly gifted me with photocopies of his pencils.

I thought it might be interesting to show the progression of a story from script, to pencils, to the page, with inks by Mike Esposito, colors by Barry Grossman and letters by Bill Yoshida.

As you can see, I write (sketch) my Archie scripts in storyboard format as opposed to screenplay format. In my mind, this makes my intentions for each panel absolutely clear to the penciller, and reduces the risk for misinterpretation.

I never assume or expect that the penciller will follow my panel layouts, but they’re always welcome to.

“The Old Ball Game” was one of two stories written by me for that issue. I also scripted “The Cash Flow Problem,” in which Jug ends up with a large pile of cash and has trouble getting rid of it. The issue is rounded out with stories by George Gladir and Kathleen Webb. Victor Gorelick edited.

I actually wrote another story with the title “The Old Ball Game.” The other ran in Archie’s Pal, Jughead Comics #159, September 2004. I imagine if I kept writing long enough, I’d repeat all the titles eventually!


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2 thoughts on “Jughead #87 Script to Page!”

  1. Hi! Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m a big fan of Jughead.

    The You + Rex Lindsey era is my favorite era of the magazine. I loved your take on Jughead’s voice, and Rex Lindsey was great at just… drawing funny, you know? His expressions and body language never failed to take the gags one step further.

    I remember gradually noticing a distinct pattern of going back and finding your name whenever a story struck me as particularly funny. I keep going back to those, and they’ll always get at least a chuckle out of me.

    May I ask where you found this? Did you find it in the depths of your own house, or did it make its way back after a handed-it-in-and-never-saw-it-again situation?

  2. Thank you for your kind comments, Cris! I’ll pass them along to Rex. The Archie editors still team us up whenever possible.

    I found the script in the basement while getting my tax records together! The Stan Goldberg photocopies were never off my radar. I keep a short stack of art from collaborators in a bookcase in my living room.

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