My Commercial (That I Never Saw)!

A decade ago today I was one of the on-camera talent in a commercial shoot for Southern Ohio Medical Center in Portsmouth, Ohio. I portrayed a husband driving his wife home from the hospital after her successful cancer treatment. They returned to their house where she enjoyed a celebratory homecoming.
I enjoyed the experience, but I regret that I have never seen the finished commercial, which never ran in my viewing area. I’ve searched for it online on YouTube and elsewhere with no success. However, I do have these few photos of the session .

I was particularly interested in seeing this TV spot because of the crazy apparatus you see being installed on the car that I drove in the commercial. The hardware is a camera mount that allowed the crew to film me from outside the driver’s window. Today, I’m sure there are less tech-heavy ways to accomplish the same thing.

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2 thoughts on “My Commercial (That I Never Saw)!”

  1. Wow, I love behind the scenes bits like this. This is great! Wishing you luck in your search, post an update if you find the commercial! 😀

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