Mr. Fixitt #2


The cosmic handy man in a universe that’s broken!
By Boldman, Bender!


Craig Boldman, Howard Bender
36-page black and white comic book
Apple Comics, publisher, 1990

A small stash of this classic series from the early 1990’s has just been unearthed! 
Mr. Fixitt is a collaboration by Boldman and Bender, who were anxious to continue their collaboration from Superman and Action Comics, circa 1985.
Fixitt lives in a world where time and space is broken, and only he has the knack for fixing on a cosmic level!
Issue #2 features a plethora of guest inkers:
Kurt Schaffenberger, Neil Vokes, Scott Saabedra, Howard Simpson, Brian Buniak, Craig Boldman, Sal Trapani and Howard Bender!

Issue contents: 
Cover by Howard Bender (NOTE: Copies ordered through the store will also be autographed by Craig Boldman)

Greetings From Everywhen!
introductory page with art by Ron Frenz and Howard Bender!

Mr. Fixitt in
“The Lincoln Log!”
Story: Craig Boldman   Art: Howard Bender

Shop Talk 
Text feature by Craig Boldman

Mr. Fixitt in
“In The Still Of The Night”
Story: Craig Boldman   Art: Howard Bender

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