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Craig Boldman on Santa Rob Podcast!

Listen to Craig’s interview at the Santa Rob Podcast!

I’ve spent plenty of time over the past couple of years drawing pictures of Santa for my Christmas Never Sleeps series, so of course I had to one day be interviewed by Santa Claus himself! I’m the guest on the latest installment of the Sleighing It With Santa Rob podcast!

Santa Rob Pugh asks me about the earliest days of my comic book career up until the present!  I invite you to listen to this week’s installment and every week’s edition of Sleighing It With Santa Rob podcast!


Visit the WEBSITE SHOP for many of the comics mentioned in the podcast!

Cap’n Catnip can also be ordered directly from the printer (unsigned). This link will also show you the other great comics from HooHaa Comics (publisher of Cap’n Catnip)!

Rob was extremely generous with his chat time. Even so, in retrospect, a few omissions, corrections, and loose ends, etc. occur to me that beg to be addressed. Continue reading Craig Boldman on Santa Rob Podcast!

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My Super Bowl Ad!

If you live in Ohio, you’ve probably seen a version of this commercial for Medical Mutual. It features me and my amazing TV granddaughter, Julia Paini! As you can see, Julia does the hard work while I just enjoy myself!

Originally slated to run in early 2022,  I was gratified to learn that the spot (and one other Med Mutual spot) was renewed to run through March of 2023. 

More than that, a version of this spot ran regionally (State of Ohio) during Super Bowl LVII, just before Rihanna’s Apple Music halftime show! This commercial has run in that slot in two consecutive Super Bowls!

I have appeared in commercials as a side hustle for years, and I’ll post some of them here from time to time.

Continue reading My Super Bowl Ad!

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My Commercial (That I Never Saw)!

A decade ago today I was one of the on-camera talent in a commercial shoot for Southern Ohio Medical Center in Portsmouth, Ohio. I portrayed a husband driving his wife home from the hospital after her successful cancer treatment. They returned to their house where she enjoyed a celebratory homecoming.
I enjoyed the experience, but I regret that I have never seen the finished commercial, which never ran in my viewing area. I’ve searched for it online on YouTube and elsewhere with no success. However, I do have these few photos of the session .

Continue reading My Commercial (That I Never Saw)!

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Carol: Behind the Scenes

I’ve mentioned before  that I’m an extra in the upcoming film, Carol, starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara.

Here is some Behind-the-Scenes footage of the party scene in which I appear (I’m the foxtrotter dancing with the woman in the yellow gown with the fur thingy). The movie, directed by Todd Haynes, opens in time for Christmas 2015.

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‘Carol,’ and my Mad Foxtrot Skills

I’m an extra in the upcoming film, Carol, starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. Here is the first trailer for the movie, which is scheduled to open 11/20/15. The back of my head can be seen in the quick glimpse of a foxtrot / party sequence, so I’m hopeful that I’ll get a little more screen time in the actual movie! Cate got the Best Actress award for her role here at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, so I’m happy to have done my part to have spurred her on to success!

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