Caricatures & Commissions

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Super Caricatures!

This is the type of caricature I do at comic conventions. See yourself as your favorite character! Yes, I work from photos and do commissions through the mail. DETAILS

Event Caricatures!

Black and white caricatures at parties and events, at an hourly rate. DETAILS

Gift Caricatures!

Great for anniversaries, birthdays and other commemoratives. DETAILS

Corporate Caricatures!

Digital or pen, ink and color drawings for presentations and corporate events. DETAILS

Make your special event more memorable by having your guests and  attendees transformed into pop culture figures, heroes, zombies or other fantastic creatures. If you’d like for Craig to bring his Sharpies to your next occasion, he can be booked through The-Nose.

Craig is also available for individual commissions — gift caricatures suitable for framing, or any type of illustration. Send an e-mail to get the ball rolling.

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