The Ration Book of Mystery!

Look what I found in a drawer:

This folder, with the Thrift ‘E’ Markets imprint, was created to hold WWII-era ration coupons.
Today, however, it contains a variety of random, assorted and sometimes inexplicable items of  interest, presumably placed there after the book outlived its original purpose — most likely by my Grandparents, Nellie and Oscar Boldman.
I’ll be unveiling and presenting the folder’s contents in posts during the coming days. ‘Rationing’ them out, so to speak, get it? Yuk yuk!

I did a cursory Internet search for Thrift ‘E’ Market, and the only likely establishment of that name in the region is Thrift E Market at 100 N Main St. in Farmland, IN. I can’t confirm that this was the grocery that issued the ration book, and I wasn’t able to find any kind of photo of the place.
I was, however, to get some data on the joint across the street. That would be an ice cream shop/eatery called The Chocolate Moose at 101 Main St. It doesn’t directly relate to this current project, but no matter. I just made an executive decision to do a remote report from The Chocolate Moose at the earliest opportunity. Get a load of this burger. I mean, just look at it!

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