Favorite Archie Christmas Stories!

The folks at Comic Book Resources asked me and other Archie writers to name the favorite Christmas stories we’ve done! I could only narrow it down to two.

“‘Zat You, Santa Claus?” From Archie’s Pal Jughead Comics #89 (February, 1997) is memorable for me because it’s from my first issue as the regular Jughead writer, and the first issue of my long collaboration with artist Rex Lindsey. In it, the characters each envision what they imagine Santa Claus is really like. The issue is also notable for the introduction of my ongoing antagonist for Jughead, Trula Twyst.

“The Elfth Day of Christmas,” from Archie #615 (January, 2011) is a favorite because it’s a rare (for me) full, issue-length story, which gave me a chance to take a deeper dive into the premise and explore its possibilities. The elf, Jingles, attempts to do a kindness for Archie. In doing so he inadvertently causes a time loop situation so that it’s always Christmas Eve but never quite Christmas. Dan Parent and Jim Amash did the art on this one.

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