Craig Boldman on Santa Rob Podcast!

Listen to Craig’s interview at the Santa Rob Podcast!

I’ve spent plenty of time over the past couple of years drawing pictures of Santa for my Christmas Never Sleeps series, so of course I had to one day be interviewed by Santa Claus himself! I’m the guest on the latest installment of the Sleighing It With Santa Rob podcast!

Santa Rob Pugh asks me about the earliest days of my comic book career up until the present!  I invite you to listen to this week’s installment and every week’s edition of Sleighing It With Santa Rob podcast!


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Cap’n Catnip can also be ordered directly from the printer (unsigned). This link will also show you the other great comics from HooHaa Comics (publisher of Cap’n Catnip)!

Rob was extremely generous with his chat time. Even so, in retrospect, a few omissions, corrections, and loose ends, etc. occur to me that beg to be addressed.

Santa Rob omissions/addendum:

Barbara Kesel, my editor on ‘Mazing Man, certainly deserved a shout-out.

I mentioned a passel of my Kubert School classmates that might ring a bell with listeners, but Tom Yates, artist for the Prince Valiant strip over the past years, certainly should have been high on the list. And I know I’m leaving some out! Apologies!

Jeff Schultz has been a frequent favorite collaborator on the Archie books. He’s also teamed up with me for stories in Jetta Raye Adventures!

Somehow the name Akron Comicon eluded me when I made reference to a show ‘in the Cleveland area.’ I’ve been a guest at Akron since its first year, and it’s an abiding favorite. Come if you can. It happens in early November.


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