Tailipoe 101 part 1!

I’ve been showing off some of my work-in-progress, for new Tailipoe material, on social media.  A Facebook friend asked, “Who or what is Tailipoe?” Good question, and I’d say a re-introduction is in order. Here’s the first of a multi-part primer.

Tailipoe, pronounced TAY – LEE – POE, is my life’s work, if anything is. I’ve done Archie and Jughead comics for a couple of decades, but I can’t claim ownership of them. Tailipoe is a supernatural troublemaker of my creation. He and his supporting cast are my go-to characters when I’m not writing on assignment. Like the Archie cast, the Tailipoe characters are surprisingly versatile. They lend themselves to just about any plot or subject that catches my attention.

I write Tailipoe story outlines even when I have no immediate plans to do anything with them. That’s how attached I am to the series.

I’ve got a little time between assignments now to think about getting something off the ground. I have a few new ideas, but I decided that I should look through notes and sketches I’ve accumulated to see if I still have a fire for any of those story fragments. 

People ask me, “Where do you get your ideas?” Answer: I get them out of my coat pockets. My custom is to jot down stray ideas on paper scraps, or frequently Post-It Notes. I don’t have a filing system, so any decision to review old ideas is something of an easter egg hunt. Here are a few moments of this ridiculous process on video:

In future posts I’ll give some additional background about the feature and its creation.

Tailipoe 101 – PART 2

Tailipoe 101 – PART 3

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