Caricature Commissions

If you’ve met me at a comic convention, you’ve likely found me hard at work on caricature commissions. These are typically drawings of individual fans, or couples, reimagined as their favorite super-heroes or fantasy characters.

As the pandemic has squelched my convention schedule temporarily, I’ve been doing more of those commissions at home, through orders I receive via e-mail. So, it’s time I highlight that branch of my work here on the blog. 

[NOTE: At the end of this blog I’ll give details about how you can Place an order for a caricature.]

Since so much of my illustration work has shifted to the digital platform, super-caricatures are my big chance to actually draw on paper, with ink, like an artist should. So I enjoy the opportunity whenever I can have it.

 Some caricature artists work in an extreme style, but my faces are usually only mildly exaggerated. The fun comes from mounting that face atop a super-heroic figure. Sometimes the subject doesn’t want to be a fantasy character; they prefer to be drawn as-is, in a scenario that includes a personal hobby or something work-related. At conventions, I typically work at a 9”x12” size, in some combination of pencil, ink, colored pencil and water color on standard drawing paper.

Usually, I’ll take an iPhone pic of the subject and work from that, so they are free to roam the aisles of the convention while I get to work on their caricature commissions.

Working from home affords me more latitude to work to the customer’s preferences. I can use higher-grade paper and materials, and can spend more time on a piece. I have standard rates for basic caricatures, but will arrive at a price with the customer if they want something more elaborate.

You can find more samples of my caricature work HERE. If you’re interested in having a caricature done of yourself or someone else — they make great gifts — send me an e-mail and we’ll get the process going. All I need is a couple good pics of the subject and a little additional information.

I should mention, I’m also available as a caricature artist at private events. You can book me HERE. 

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