‘Christmas Never Sleeps’ Rolls On!

Christmas Never Sleeps is my year-long cartoon epic that has followed Santa J. Claus daily since Christmas day, 2019, and will reach its conclusion on Christmas Eve, 2020. During the course of those 365 days, it continues to paint the icon in familiar broad strokes, but with quirky details that aren’t apparent during his usual once-a-year appearance.

We’re now five months into the saga, and my thoughts are turning to future plans for the story and its characters. I’ll be using this space to give some behind-the-scenes info and drop some hints about what’s coming.

The daily installments can be followed on the Christmas Never Sleeps Facebook page, as well as on my Instagram and Twitter. It’s important to get new readers to make the project viable, so I humbly request that you spread the word so that we can continue.

Periodically I’ll archive compilations of the strip here, and eventually, in print.

I welcome comments, questions and advice, always! Write to me here.

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