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DeStefano and Me!

I’ll be seeing my friend, cartoonist Stephen DeStefano for the first time in years, at this weekend’s Nancy Fest! event. And that got me doing a mental inventory of the handful of projects we’ve worked on together over the years.

With an exception or two, our collaborations consisted of Stephen on pencils and me on inks. I’ve scraped together samples of all of them here:

Mazing Man – 1986 – My good friend Karl Kesel was the original inker on this cult favorite series for DC Comics. Karl got a new assignment, and he and Stephen put in a good word for me so I got the nod to be the replacement inker. I did two issues of the regular comic, plus a couple of special editions. Bob Rozakis was the writer and co-creator of this series.

Elvira’s House of Mystery – 1987 – Stephen and I did the art for a spooky Christmas story in this one-shot for DC. Story by Barbara Kesel.

Bizarro Comics – 2001 – This was a fun collection of weird takes on DC’s heroes by an assortment of great cartoonists from outside the
standard comic book biz. Stephen drew a framing story to weave the whole thing together. The deadline was tight so he recruited a handful of inkers to finish pages. I was one of those, and inked a half-dozen pages. Script by Chris Duffy.

Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius – 2003 – I was the writer for a couple Jimmy Neutron stories for Nickelodeon Magazine, courtesy of editor Chris Duffy.  Stephen did the pencils and inks. I remember doing at least one Spongebob Squarepants story, but I don’t believe Stephen did the art for that one. I’ll have to dig that out of the archive and do an update.

Popeye’s  Voyage: The Quest for Pappy – 2004 – This was a CGI-type animated TV special produced and written by actor Paul Reiser reintroducing the Popeye gang. Stephen had become King Features Syndicate’s go-to artist for Popeye licensing art. A comic-style adaptation of the special was produced for promotional purposes. Stephen drew it and he brought me in to ink it. I’ve always loved Popeye, so this was definitely a bucket list item for me!

Alien Baby – 2007 – The Weekly World News tabloid added a comics section based on some of their more infamous recurring news stories. Stephen did some installments of Alien Baby, and then brought me in to script the ongoing narrative.  At some point Stephen left to take on another assignment, and I took over the art as well as the writing until the end.

Monitoring With MuscleFor a change, I got to bring Stephen in on a project. I’d gotten involved with an ad agency that needed a super-hero character design for their latest ad campaign. Stephen designed and drew this hero, and I inked it. I can’t remember if I did the coloring or not.

Me, by Stephen!

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Favorite Archie Christmas Stories!

The folks at Comic Book Resources asked me and other Archie writers to name the favorite Christmas stories we’ve done! I could only narrow it down to two.

“‘Zat You, Santa Claus?” From Archie’s Pal Jughead Comics #89 (February, 1997) is memorable for me because it’s from my first issue as the regular Jughead writer, and the first issue of my long collaboration with artist Rex Lindsey. In it, the characters each envision what they imagine Santa Claus is really like. The issue is also notable for the introduction of my ongoing antagonist for Jughead, Trula Twyst.

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Jughead Guide To Life – Part 1!

On my recent in-store event at Wonder Comics & More in Trenton, Ohio, shop owner Jeff Hensley gifted me with a recent Jughead digest that I hadn’t yet seen in print. It was part of the ‘Archie Milestones’ series, #18, March 2023, and this issue’s theme was “Jughead Guide to Life.”


It’s a good collection from various creators. Eight of my stories (one new; the rest, reprints from the past decades) are among them, all drawn by my regular Jughead collaborator, Rex Lindsey. A few of those stories have abiding personal meaning for me. so I thought I’d write some words about them.

I was recently reminded that October 14 was the birthday of the late Samm Schwartz, so let me jump ahead to the story in this digest that I wrote as a tribute to Samm.

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Tailipoe 101 part 3!

My Tailipoe series grew out of the Appalachian folktale of the same name, which I read in a book. As mentioned in Part 2.

Here’s an interpretation of the traditional story by digital animator Matt Rogers that I quite like:


Folk tales are originally told around campfires and next to bedsides. They are made up on the fly and embellished in the retelling. In this way the tales are spread from person to person, family to family, generation to generation. And eventually gathered into a book by professors of folklore. Continue reading Tailipoe 101 part 3!

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Unboxing Disney 1 Saturday Morning!

In the late ‘90’s, Disney Adventures Magazine presented a monthly array of articles of interest for kids. Each issue also contained a large comics section filled with stories based on then-current Disney shows and movies.

I contributed comic scripts inspired by the animated series, ‘Disney’s Doug’ (The TV show was a continuation of one of the original Nicktoons, Doug, by creator Jim Jinkins for the Nickelodeon cable channel).

All of the Disney Adventures comics have been out of print since their original publication, until now. Fantagraphics has compiled a selection of that work in a hardback anthology called Disney 1 Saturday Morning Adventures.

Editor David Gerstein was kind enough to send me a copy of the new book, and I turned on the camera for an unboxing vid.

Apologies for the sound, my lapel mike didn’t perform up to par.

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Craig Boldman on Santa Rob Podcast!

Listen to Craig’s interview at the Santa Rob Podcast!

I’ve spent plenty of time over the past couple of years drawing pictures of Santa for my Christmas Never Sleeps series, so of course I had to one day be interviewed by Santa Claus himself! I’m the guest on the latest installment of the Sleighing It With Santa Rob podcast!

Santa Rob Pugh asks me about the earliest days of my comic book career up until the present!  I invite you to listen to this week’s installment and every week’s edition of Sleighing It With Santa Rob podcast!


Visit the WEBSITE SHOP for many of the comics mentioned in the podcast!

Cap’n Catnip can also be ordered directly from the printer (unsigned). This link will also show you the other great comics from HooHaa Comics (publisher of Cap’n Catnip)!


Rob was extremely generous with his chat time. Even so, in retrospect, a few omissions, corrections, and loose ends, etc. occur to me that beg to be addressed. Continue reading Craig Boldman on Santa Rob Podcast!

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Unboxing Jetta Raye No. 2!

I received my copies of Jetta Raye Adventures #2!
I contributed two items to this issue: A gag page called “Dramarama,” and a 9-pager entitled “Future Tense.” To get your first glimpse, check the video below!

And to get your own copy of Jetta Raye Adventures #2, click THIS LINK!

I did a similar unboxing of a previous Jetta volume, which you can witness HERE!


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Jughead #87 Script to Page!

I just discovered my original script for a story called “The Old Ball Game.” It ran in Archie’s Pal Jughead Comics #87 (December, 1996). As it happens, this was actually one of my earliest Jughead stories. A few months later, my tenure as the regular Jughead writer would begin. (As of issue #89, I’d be teamed with new regular penciller Rex Lindsey for over 100 issues!)

I was especially glad to locate this particular script. I was able to see the pencils for the job before they were sent to the inker; a rare occasion for me. The great Stan Goldberg, who illustrated the story, had kindly gifted me with photocopies of his pencils.

I thought it might be interesting to show the progression of a story from script, to pencils, to the page, with inks by Mike Esposito, colors by Barry Grossman and letters by Bill Yoshida.

As you can see, I write (sketch) my Archie scripts in storyboard format as opposed to screenplay format. In my mind, this makes my intentions for each panel absolutely clear to the penciller, and reduces the risk for misinterpretation.

I never assume or expect that the penciller will follow my panel layouts, but they’re always welcome to.

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