Cap’n Catnip #3


Cap’n Catnip and Womble, the Wonder Gerbil, face their greatest and most supernatural foe!
by Fuller, Boldman and Collins


Craig Boldman, Tim Fuller, Daryll Collins
32-page comic book
HooHa Comics, publisher, 2019

Issue contents: 
Jam cover by Tim Fuller, Craig Boldman and Daryll Collins (NOTE: Copies ordered through the store will also be autographed by Craig Boldman)

Quiz: “Are You a Good Rat or a Bad Rat?” By Daryll Collins

Cap’n Catnip and Womble in
“The Many Ghosts of Doctor Nein”
Cap’n Catnip meets his newest greatest foe! Doctor Nein is a master cat burglar! Worse – – He has been driven to crime by the ghosts of his nine lives!
Story: Craig Boldman   Art: Tim Fuller

Good Rat/Bad Rat in
“Don’t Tread On Me!”
Ratman adds a pair of robot boots to his crime arsenal!
Story: Craig Boldman   Art: Daryll Collins

Next Issue Jam Page!
Art by Tim Fuller, Daryll Collins, Craig Boldman

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 10.5 × .5 in