10/28/06: Blog! I've added the blog to the news page for the time being. I'm thinking of combining the news and blog stuff into a single page, and this is a first step toward that. We'll see how it works out.


7/28/06: First Look: Jughead #175 is out this week, and is the subject of Archie's First Look program, which means you can sample the first few pages on the web -- and then dash out and buy a copy of your own.

I consider issue #100 of a comic book to be something worth celebrating. A #150 issue, not so much. And yet, when Jughead #150 came out a couple years ago, a reviewer complained that we didn't do anything special for #150. So now my thinking is, if someone can consider #150 worthy of a fuss, I think #175 should be granted the same courtesy. So, without consulting the editor, publisher or anybody, I took it upon myself to do a couple stories suited for a #175 issue. And watch, the reviewers won't even notice. Nyahh.

Anyway, in honor of #175, this issue features an extra-length story with Jughead once again butting heads with his nemesis, Trula Twyst; always a cataclysmic confrontation and always a crowd pleaser. That bloodbath is entitled, "We Meet Again," for reasons that will become apparent. Then, a relatively conventional Jug vs. Ethel story. However, the final story of the issue is very special in that I myself appear. Well, sort of. It's also one of those "breaking the fourth wall" kinds of tales. It's called "Behind The Panels."

CLICK HERE to take a peek. Or, as they say, a "First Look."

5/20/06: San Diego Plans: If you're going to San Diego Con, (July 19-23) track me down. Plans are for me to be at the National Cartoonists Society booth part of the time, and participating in the Archie Comics panel on Sunday morning.

5/9/06: New Portfolio: I've got a new online portfolio at This is some of the more recent work I've done. I'll be putting some new pieces up there over the next weeks. The direct URL for my place there is

5/7/06: S.P.A.C.E.: I expect to be attending the S.P.A.C.E. small press convention in Columbus, Ohio this coming Saturday, May 13. Allen Freeman's Fan-Atic Press will be unveiling the new issue of Slam Bang there, and I contributed a couple of pages to that, so look for me to be hanging around that table.

5/7/06: Today's Sunday edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer contained an ad supplement for the state of Indiana, on the back cover of which was the art you see to the left.

I haven't seen this character in a while, and never in this 3-D treatment. I.B. Crow is the park mascot for Indiana Beach Amusement Park in Monticello, Indiana. I designed the character for that park, oh, at least a dozen years ago, and it's probably gotten more mileage than any other single piece of art I've ever done. IB has appeared as a park costume character, in countless ads, on billboards, on ride signs, and was even converted to an I.B. Crow bobblehead.

I stopped doing work for the ad agency that handles the Indiana Beach account a few years ago, so it's interesting to see what they've done with I.B. since.


5/7/06: It's old news by now, but The Archies are on the President's ipod.

5/2/06: Trula Twyst, a character I created for the Jughead comic book, is the subject of a recent press release from Archie Comics.

4/23/06: Jughead Interview: There's a new interview with the entire creative team of the Jughead book -- penciller Rex Lindsey, inker Rich Koslowski, and myself -- on, Click HERE to read.

4/23/06: See, I Told You I Was A Terrific Guy: I got a nice shout-out from my good pal Stephen DeStefano in the latest issue (#15) of the TwoMorrows publication, Back Issue. It's an article about 'Mazing Man, a comic we worked on for DC Comics, long ago. Thanks to my brother Loyd for pointing this out to me.

Incidentally, get this or your choice of any TwoMorrows publication for free on Free Comic Book Day, May 6. Click HERE for details.

4/21/06: A Proud Day For Me: I discovered that I now have an entry on The Internet Movie Database!

4/9/06: Lisbeth: Below is the official cast and crew photo of Lisbeth of Maplecroft, a play written and directed by Pat Davis, and presented by the Fairfield Footlighters at the Fairfield Community Arts Center on April 6-9. I took a small role in the production -- That's me, back row, fifth from the left.

Lisbeth of Maplecroft concerns Lizzie Borden and her sister, Emma, twelve years after Lizzie was acquitted in the murder of her parents. My role was that of Thomas O'Hara, a newspaper publisher.

I hadn't done a play since high school, but it was thoroughly enjoyable, thanks to all the nice and talented people involved, and I hope to do more.

Additional photos of the players are on my blog, HERE.

3/20/06: My movie career, so far:

You loved me in Seabiscuit...

You will love me in Three Barbecues...

(DVD out soon!)

And now filming, Immortally Yours, in which you will undoubtedly love me all over again!

2/16/06: Podcasted again: Joey Manley asked me the hard-hitting questions for his new Talk About Comics podcast. Funnel me into your ipod! CLICK HERE and scroll down!

2/15/06: Sockamagee! Over at Dial B For Blog, my favorite comics-related blog, Robby Reed has done a five-part history of the Archie characters' short-lived super-hero careers. (For those not in the know, just about all the Archie cast had secret identities during the super-hero boom of the 1960's: Archie was Pureheart the Powerful, Reggie was Evilheart, Betty was Superteen, and Jughead was Captain Hero. When Robby got wind of the fact that I was bringing Captain Hero back for an encore in the upcoming issue of Jughead, he asked me to contribute a little something for the final installment of his opus. Go there now and take a look!

1/28/06: Jughead and Trula - Johanna Draper Carlson did a nice review of the current Jughead (# 170) at her Comics Worth Reading site. I'm glad, 'cause I thought this was a pretty strong issue which, among other things, contains an homage to The Yellow Kid. Read the review HERE.

Meanwhile, at Tony's Online Tips, Tony Isabella reports a bit of Archie news that I hadn't heard: The upcoming Jughead and His Friends Digest #11 includes a new Jughead story by Fernando Ruiz, featuring Jughead's frequent antagonizer, Trula Twyst. Tony says, "What interests me most about the tale is that I believe it marks the first time Trula will be written by someone other than Craig Boldman, who created her in the ongoing JUGHEAD title. Trula is a terrific character, the best addition to the Riverdale High cast since Cheryl Blossom. I hope Ruiz does right by her."

I created Trula for my first issue of Jughead, somewhere around issue #89, and have used her pretty regularly ever since. When coming up with the character, I had envisioned her eventually becoming part of the regular Archie cast, and have always been curious to see how other artists and writers would treat her.

A while back, Archie editor Vic Gorelick asked me to write some information about Trula for the new Archie Comics style guide, which gave me a clue that the character was being moved a bit deeper into the Archie mainstream. I've posted my Trula write-up on my blog.

Fernando is one of my favorites, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he's got in mind.

In fact, though, this is not the first time that Trula has been handled by another writer than myself. As far as I know, she's appeared in two stories written by Archie's #1 writer, George Gladir, though in each case I don't believe the plot revolved around Trula.

1/13/06: Happy New Year! - Hmm, been a little while since I updated here. This Sunday, January 15, I'll be joining my friend and fellow cartoonist Jeff Staher in conducting a workshop called "Drawing and Cartooning" for the Girl Scouts - Great Rivers Council at their 2006 CSA Winter Conference. You know Jeff -- He does the very funny daily panel "Moderately Confused," and is the editorial cartoonist for the Columbus Dispatch.

I'll follow up with a report about the conference. Should be fun.

10/16/05: Pod person - You can listen to a Boldman interview podcast, conducted by Gary Puckett, on a new service called The Fly Pod. From the main menu page, select the Job Corner category and select the interview.

10/16/05: New e-mail - My old, useless, only-works-when-it-feels-like e-mail server is finally given up altogether. So, the e-mail links around the site will be changing to this address. Please update your address books, and let me know if you find any outdated links on the site. Thanks!

9/28/05: Comix Revolution Wrapup - Here are a few photos from the successful Comics Revolution program at the Cincinnati Public Library. It was well-attended and the organizers are already talking about doing it again. Thanks to those of you who turned out! A more detailed report will appear on the National Cartoonists Society/Great Lakes Chapter website, The GLyph.

The afternoon panel, on which I participated. From left to right: comic book retailer Mark Craddock, (Comics World); artist/writer David Mack (Kabuki); myself; cartoonist and panel moderator Bruce Chrislip.

David and Bruce join with me in proudly flashing our library cards.

Our audience is mesmerized, mesmerized, I tell you! Seen in the lower right corner is a top Cincinnati cartoonist Tom Holtkamp.

Photos courtesy of Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

9/13/05: Cincinnati Enquirer - Below are links to Cincinnati Enquirer items about me and several other area cartoonists, including Justin Green and Carol Tyler. This is in connection with the upcoming Comic Revolution thing at the Cincinnati Public Library on September 17. Attend if you can!






9/11/05: CB Participating in Webcomics 'Telethon' - Blank Label Comics is hosting a webcomic telethon to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina. It will be held September 13 & 14 at I'm contributing a new Tailipoe strip for the event.

Brad Guigar, who has organized previous webcomics telethons benefitting MDA, is organizing the event. All of the revenue generated from site advertising, donations, and proceeds from merchandise bought through the site will be donated to the Red Cross to help in disaster relief. The site will be updated several times during the course of the telethon with new comics, encouraging readers to come back often to see the new strips and donate money when their favorites are displayed.

Click on the banner below and see what's happening!

8/13/05: Comic Revolution - Mark September 17 on your calendars and make your plane reservations for Cincinnati. For that's when and where I and several other comic book-type creative people will be participating in a program called Comic Revolutions: Underground Comix, Graphic Novels, & Manga at the Public Library of Cincinnati. From the press release:

An exhibition in the Art & Music Department, "Comic Revolutions: Underground Comix, Graphic Novels & Manga," will showcase three important phases in the history of comic books. The exhibition, which runs from August 1 through October 30, also will feature the work of distinguished local practitioners. The tri-state area is home to many prominent comic/graphic novel writers and artists, from pioneers of the underground comix movement, such as Justin Green, to a current manga star, David Mack.

Justin Green is one of the most important artists of the underground movement, recognized as the pioneer of the autobiographical comic with Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary. A collection of his Binky stories was published by Last Gasp in 1995 as Justin Green's Binky Brown Sampler. Two of Green's strips for magazines have also been collected and published: Musical Legends: The Collected Comics from Pulse Magazine (Last Gasp, 2004) and Justin Green's Sign Game: A Collection of Monthly Comic Strips from Signs of the Time (ST Publications, 1995).

Carol Tyler is an award-winning cartoon artist and storyteller whom Robert Crumb calls "a great artist." A member of the underground comix generation, Tyler has taught classes on drawing comics to school-age children, college students and adults for more than 20 years. Her second solo effort, Late Bloomer, published by Fantagraphics, will be available in August 2005.

Bruce Chrislip is a comic book artist/writer/editor/publisher/historian. His cartoons and comics have been published by Aardvark/Vanaheim, Eclipse, Fantagraphics, Kitchen Sink Press, the Arizona Republic, the San Francisco Chronicle and the National Enquirer, among others. Chrislip has also been the cartoonist for more than 400 minicomix.

Craig Boldman has been a professional cartoonist since 1978. He currently writes the Jughead comic book for Archie Comics Publications, and has been writing the Archie newspaper strip since 1992. In 1985, Boldman wrote the adventures of Superman for DC Comics and has since written a variety of other well-known characters, including "Big Boy," "Bazooka Joe," and strips based on two Disney TV shows: "Disney's Doug," and "Disney's Recess."

David Mack is the creator, author and artist of Kabuki, which is published by Image Comics, and the writer and cover artist for Marvel Comics' Daredevil, one of the ten best-selling comics in the United States. Kabuki has won Mack international acclaim for its innovative storytelling, painting techniques and page design. The series is available in seven languages and there are over one million copies of Kabuki comics, paperbacks and hardcovers, in print in the United States alone.

For more info, click THIS LINK. Also, click the artwork above right to see the full-size flyer for the event.