Popeye Card Game!

I went looking for one thing; found this instead!

Yesterday while rummaging in the basement I uncovered a box of keepsakes I had all but forgotten. Among the items in the box were several decks of card games I and my siblings (as kids) used to entertain ourselves during visits to our grandparents.

This Popeye Card Game is one of several we played that were manufactured by Ed-U-Cards Mfg. Corp L.I.C. of New York. The instructions to this game states that the rules are similar to “Rummy.” The attraction for me, however, was the flip-card animation that was a part of many of these Ed-U-Card games, as you can see in the video.

The art on the face of the cards is pretty nice. Quite faithful to the authentic Thimble Theatre comic strip art, though the inking doesn’t strike me as being done by any of the actual guys.

There are nine different Popeye illustrations, each repeated four times across four suits (ship, hamburger, anchor, spinach).

I’m just amazed that this deck is still complete, with directions included.

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5 thoughts on “Popeye Card Game!”

  1. I would like instructions on how to play the game. I found a box of well used cards but no instructions. Thanks Bea

      1. I just received this game for my 70th Birthday. Would be so grateful for the instructions, in order to play with my 4 yr old Great Grand Son.

        1. Happy Birthday, Patrick!

          The rules for this game are similar
          to “Rummy”. First shuffle the cards
          thoroughly and deal out one in a time,
          face down, until each player has 6 cards
          (7 cards if 2 play). Place the remaining
          cards in a pile, face down, on the table.
          Take top card and turn face up next to
          the “drawing pile” This starts the “dis-
          card pile”.
          Player to the left of dealer begins
          game by taking the top card from either
          the drawing or discard pile and can then
          lay down matching cards. If he has 3 or
          more alike or 3 or more cards with con-
          secutive numbers in each series such
          as No. 1, 2, 3 “SPINACH” cards or 7, 8, 9,
          10 “ANCHOR” cards, etc. When he
          can make no more plays he must discard
          one card by placing it face up on the
          discard pile. Then the next player to his
          left goes and the play continues in the
          same way around the table.
          Any player in his turn may place
          cards on his own or other players’ “lay-
          outs” that will complete matching sets or
          can add to either end of a series pro-
          vided he can go out when so doing. In
          this case he may discard one last card
          if necessary.
          The first one to clear his hand of
          all cards is the winner and receives the
          total number of points remaining in his
          opponents hands. If all cards in the
          drawing pile are used up before there is
          a winner the discard pile may be shuffled
          and turned face down to form a new
          drawing pile.

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