Space Mouse!


Space Mouse was an odd addition to the Walter Lantz roster. Western Publishing, the comic book publisher that licensed the rights to publish comics based on the Walter Lantz properties, wanted to widen their line of Lantz titles, but didn’t see anything suitable after Woody Woodpecker and a couple others among the studio’s cartoon library.

So they created this new series more or less out of whole cloth, and turned ownership of Space Mouse over to Walter Lantz. Western published a few Space Mouse comic books, and the animation studio eventually produced a single Space Mouse cartoon (“Secret Weapon”), but Space Mouse wouldn’t be seen on screen again, except for a cameo appearance in a Woody Woodpecker cartoon called “Spook-A-Nanny.”


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One thought on “Space Mouse!”

  1. I found an issue of the comic book a couple of years ago and became fascinated by it, so I had to look up all that stuff you mentioned. It’s a neat character design, and probably would have worked for TV animation, so I’m sorry Lantz never did anything with it there, or that there were so few comics published. I guess we could always hope that someone like Craig Yoe takes an interest and reprints it in a hardcover collection. Seems like something that’s right up his alley.

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